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What the world needs now are some true words of wisdom...

Like 'la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lala.'

Susan H. Bones
13 April
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Mention my middle name and you die. YES, THIS MEANS YOU, STEBBINS.
always having my way, aunt amelia, being bossy, being excessively loyal, charms, chopping my hair off, collecting hats, dramatic physical alterations, empathising with harry, ernie, flaring my nostrils, frilly things, giggling profusely, glittery things, hannah, having a stubborn disposition, having rather large eyes, hexing my enemies, hexing my friends, hexing people in general, justin, knitting, lacy underthings, making zacharias be nice, megan, muggle oddities, not being wrong ever, not my middle name, odd frocks, playing with hannah's hair, really big dangly earrings, ron too, smirking knowingly, sparkly things, stebbins hehe, the da, ukeleles, using big words, warm beverages, wayne, will's got a cruuuuuuush, words ending in 'osity', zacharias (when he's civil)